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Now Accepting 2015 Polar Express Reservations

Branson Scenic Railway assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries or property loss for any reason. No refunds or exchanges. Smoking and alcoholic beverages prohibited. BSR reserves the right to change routes or substitute equipment without notice. Delays may be experienced. Boarding by boarding pass number. General seating aboard train. Dome seating cannot be guaranteed on any run.

2015 Regular Excursion Rates
Adults (Ages 13 and up) $27.50 Plus Tax
Children (Ages 3 - 12) $17.00 Plus Tax

Regular Excursion Tickets
Adults (Ages 13 and up)
Children (Ages 3 - 12)
Babies (Ages 1 month - 35 months)

Arrival Date and Departure:

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AAA Discount
* Please enter AAA as your Discount Code below and
be prepared to show your card when picking up your tickets.

AAA Regular Excursion Tickets
Adults (Ages 13 and up)

Arrival Date and Departure:

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2015 Dinner Train Rates*
Dinner Train (All Ages**) $62.00 Plus Tax
** Dinner Train Recommended for Passengers 13 and Over!

Dinner Train Tickets:
Dinner Train Tickets (Beef)
Dinner Train Tickets (Chicken)
Dinner Train Tickets (Fish)

Arrival Date and Departure:

Seating Preference:

Number of women in your party:

* 24 Hour Advance Reservations required for Dinner Train! No Refunds Within 24 Hours of Reservation. If a reservation is made within 24 hours of the dinner train, there will automatically be no refund.

** Dinner Train recommended for passengers 13 and over.

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