Train Equipment

BSRX 98, Locomotive, 1951 EMD F9PH, rebuilt 1981, has HEP (Formerly B&O, then MARC #83)

BSRX 99, Locomotive, 1962 EMD GP30M, rebuilt 1982 (Formerly C&O, #4625)

PPCX 800603, "Silver Eagle", 1949 Budd 60 Seat Coach (Formerly the Eagle from the Texas Pacific Railroad)

BSRX 3118, "Silver Lake", 1951 Budd Buffet Lounge (Formerly the Parlor Car Casimir Pulaski from the Pennsylvania Railroad, then converted to a buffet lounge by Amtrak)

BSRX 9540, "Silver Island", 1947 Budd Dome Lounge (From CB&Q, Twin-City Zephyr)

BSRX 8503, "Silver Chef", 1956 Budd 48-Seat Diner (From CB&Q, Denver Zephyr)

PPCX 800287, "Silver Garden", 1952 Budd Dome Lounge Coach (From CB&Q, Kansas City Zephyr)

PPCX 800336, "Westport", 1939 Budd Lounge Observation (From Atlantic Coastline "Champion" Train)

BSRX 9320, "Silver Terrace", 1952 Budd Dome Observation (From CB&Q, Kansas City Zephyr)

RPCX 856, "Silver Echo", 1947 Budd 60 Seat Coach (Formerly from the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac)

BSRX 8521, "Silver Belle", 1949 Budd 48-seat diner (from Southern Railway, Crescent)